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Pam Roes


Body Piercer

OUR POLICY: Must be 16 to get pierced, AND parent or guardian must be present for the piercing, with photo IDs on both parent and client. Thank you!

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Pam Roes is our colorful resident body piercer. Her hair is always a bright color, but her attitude and infectious laughter shine even brighter!

Pam’s passion for piercing came long before her career in piercing did. Once she felt her first stab of the needle at 14, she was hooked. Pam has been piercing since 2009 and has been part of the Thrash’s/Wild Idea family for the same amount of time.

Pam is a very versatile piercer; she loves doing any and all sorts of piercings. Her favorites are usually the off-the-wall piercings her clients come up with. These sorts of piercings require her to use her skills that she has learned through attending the Association of Professional Piercers(APP) Convention, and the years of experience she has gained through working with these extremely talented artists. Pam has taken it upon herself to broaden her repertoire of body modifications to include Micro Dermal Implants and Tooth Gems.

Her piercing idols include Elaine Angel and Jim Ward, the mother and father of modern body piercing techniques. Pam takes body modification very seriously, and in her career she has Matt Thrash, Geno Cole, and Jamie Grav to thank for showing her the way.

When Pam isn’t behind the needle, you will generally find her lifting heavy things at the gym, running half marathons, baking, sewing, scrapbooking, nerding out with a good book, or spending time with her adorable hubster, Brett, and their beautiful new baby.


Pam’s Work: