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Kayla Tronnes

Kayla Tronnes - Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

Instagram: @kayla.tronnes

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Kayla joined the Wild Idea team in January 2017. Her sarcastic and fun-loving nature has made her a client favorite. A tattoo with Kayla will keep you laughing though the pain.

Kayla’s journey in the tattoo industry began on her 18th birthday in Kevin Troxel’s chair. It was in that fateful moment that Kevin encouraged Kayla to follow her dream of becoming one of the Thrash’s/Wild Idea family. By going to college and honing her art skills, she obtained a bachelors in fine art in the Spring of 2016. Matt was incredibly impressed by Kayla’s determination and made good on the promise of an apprenticeship. From circling the waters of the tattoo industry to pushing ink every day, Kayla has blossomed to an integral part of the crew.

Kayla credits the start of her career to her father, Sean Makepeace, as he really supported her dream since day one! Kayla feels as though Matt Thrash, Jamie Grav, Pam Roes, and Kevin Troxel have been the most amazing mentors through her apprenticeship; guiding her through finding her voice and tattoo style. Gleaning inspiration from her fine art background, Kayla finds herself drawn to artwork by Brandon Herrera, Argo DiCristina, Jack Connolly, Andy Goldsworthy, Hieronymus Bosch, and Sandro Botticelli.

When Kayla isn’t slinging some badass ink, you can find this tomboy four-wheeling in the hills, enjoying all things outdoorsy, or oil painting.

Kayla’s Work: