BIG NEWS!                                                           August 26, 2022 

After nearly 15 years, we have decided to discontinue Wild Idea Tattoo & Piercing. It has fulfilled its mission! BUT DON’T PANIC! KEEP READING! This is a very intentional and thorough decision, in the works for 3 or 4 years. ALL GOOD!

We LOVE that our long-time employee, friend, and tattoo artist Jamie Grav has launched his own business, Surly Goat Tattoo & Piercing, and plans to stay in the same location! Jamie is putting on another hat = business owner.

You can find Jamie and crew at or call (605) 510-7244.

Matt & Cathy Thrash

Our most sincere gratitude to all of YOU: our clients, colleagues, employees, family, friends and advisors over the years that made our second shop a really incredible trip!! We’ve seen so much – graduations, weddings, baptisms, funerals. Barf and break-ins. Corona Hail and a pandemic! There were A LOT of tattoos and piercings created in this space… and MORE TO COME! We have seen a lot and are better for it. We wouldn’t change a thing. We are proud AND humbled at the same time. Thank you ALL for being a part of it!

We wish Jamie, Pam, Nicole and their families the best of luck!

Thrash’s Tattoo

Aug. 26, 2022